maybe time for a redesign…oh and new photos

I posted some new photos in the promotional work section of my gallery and it just seems to me this site doesn’t make much sense anymore. Its sad because I have my film making site and business site that are just blank wordpress pages at the moment, but I always work on my photography site. Perhaps I like to get things right before I move on to the next, who knows.
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When I decided to pursue photography as an artistic outlet, I had no visions of taking photos to make a living. I never wanted my style, my eye, to be a slave to the dollar. When you take money from someone, there is always compromise. I have been paid to take photos for people who are way into themselves to care about how good a photo looks. They complain to me that they are too fat, too this or too that and when I give them what I think represents my style, they just come back at me with “I don’t like it”. I have become very jaded about this craft and ended up hating everything about it. I have done more for others than I have done for myself and like I mentioned in the first sentence, I went into this for myself and as a way to express myself, not give people what they think they want. I don’t make a living at this and the money I do get from it does not even come close to covering all my expenses.

There are soo many people trying to make a business of photography that just plain suck. There I said it. All they focus on is the money and the easiest way to make a picture that will give them more bang for the buck. I hate being associated with this group and even get to a point where I am embarrassed to even say I am a photographer. I feel the growing crop of “shooters” look for shortcuts, plugins, and easy tutorials to make their work better rather than take the time and energy to actually learn anything of value.
(I totally wrote a giant rant here, but decided to delete it. It was not the driving force of this post)

I acknowledge the fact that there are amazing photographers and I appreciate them and respect them. I don’t feel the world is 100% point and shooters. I am not bashing everyone nor do I care anymore. My point here is I am stepping out of the Thunderdome and taking my name out of the hat. When someone is looking for a photographer to enhance their model mayhem profile, they will no longer have me as an option. I don’t want to shoot another band where they all line up with their hands in their pockets. Finally, I no longer want to spend hour on hours thinking of sets and colors and locations and working on blemishes only to have some shallow stuck up, worst-model-ever-but-thinks-she-is-one-because-her-boyfriend-is-kissing-her-ass say she is too fat in a photo and if I could spend even more time shrinking down a half ounce of normal healthy skin.

I’m out. I may change my mind later, who knows, but the little money I make is soo not worth it and is not fulfilling the needs I have as an artist and the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. I will pay people if I must to be in my work so I am no longer a slave to their opinions and thoughts. I will do what I want and perhaps heal my soul from what this path has damaged.

With all that said, I still have amazing and talented friends that I am sure I will still help and collaborate with. I have met some great people through this craft and will continue to work with them as I still get a joy out of helping them visualize their ideas. If I get a call or an email from someone who still wishes to work with me even after reading this, I will hear them out. Perhaps there are still people out there who would like to get what I have to offer, but to those people who visit my work and think Im going to give them something that doesn’t represent me, I will just politely send them off to the pool of other talent out there.

The life of a gogo dancer

One of the actors in my upcoming video is a go-go dancer who flies across the country strutting his stuff in various clubs and events. After a shoot for the video, we got to talking and he mentioned a desire to do a series that showcases the sights he has seen and that paths he has gone down or has seen others go down. I was very interested in this series and agreed to do this. First up was a scene involving a theme of “heroin chic”. Not a autobiographical image, but he has seen many people go down the dark paths and wanted to show it off in this series.

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Upcoming Projects

I don’t have much to report here, but I have had a couple meetings with some folks on reviving an old idea. I am really excited about it and am going to be doing a lot of photography and film documentary to get the business some buzz. Stick around and Ill be posting more on this project. All I can say is we have until May to make it happen. I can say I have never had the thought “Well I have nothing to do”…sheesh

Site Design

Welcome to the new site design. I am not a web designer by trade, so the task of building a site was difficult. I like the flexability of WordPress to do amazing things and as a software developer, I took advantage of it. I wanted to be able to update the main page without using some xml file or updating html and this fit nicely. I know this is way off topic, but for those interested, below is a quick breakdown of the madness I did to poor WordPress.

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Portfolio building session with Ashton

A fellow photographer, who shoots some really great concerts and events referred me to a model who needed some shots for her portfolio. She is interested in perusing some print work so I tailored this shoot towards giving her some photos that would help agencies see her potential.

I just bought a new lens, a Canon 50mm 1.4, which worked really great and produced a fantastic image that was sharp. Its main purpose was for shooting motion pictures ( I still can’t call it film for some reason ), but I have more photo opportunities than “film”.

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Its not about the gear

Its been said soo many times, but there are always people coming into photography that have yet to hear it. I’ve seen videos over at fstopper showing how a cell phone can create professional results. I get asked about lenses and lights and triggers all the time and I tell them that yes I do shoot with Alienbees and pocket wizards and giant softboxes, but I started off with 1 light and an umbrella just like everyone else. This week I will go over even more lighting hacks that have worked for me so well.

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